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SimData - Data Collector

SimData Data Collector provides users with an interface between a Microsoft Surface tablet and Simcad Process Simulator®. SimData allows users to perform time studies of their operation and export the data to Simcad Pro and other data analysis tools.

With SimData users are able to customize steps, create restrictions, and generate sequences that enable the user to collect real-data allowing them to generate time studies by tracking and monitoring processes unique to a users operation.

With the raw data, users have the ability to directly import the collected data in Simcad Process Simulator. The integrated time studies allow for a more accurate model within the simulation therefore allowing the user to make precise efficiency improvements to their operations.

SimData - Data Collector Features
  • Streamline the process of collecting accurate data for time study purposes
  • Walk the floor and perform time studies on different processes
  • Collect data related to the flow to assist in model building and value stream mapping
  • Dynamically synchronize to import collected data into Simcad and apply changes to the model

SimData is now available on the Microsoft Surface Tablet allowing easier data collecting and management applications.
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SimData - Data Collector