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Service and Office Simulation - Banking, Insurance, Document Flow
More and more process flow optimization and efficiency improvements are being applied to back office and document flow systems. Simcad Pro’s dynamic capabilities can be used to model and analyze a vast array of office systems.


Improving the Purchasing Department
Purchasing and acquisitions play a key role in every organization.
Simcad Pro analyzes the effect of purchasing delays on down stream processes, delivering a measured improvement value in both efficiency and dollar amounts.

Efficiency Improvement
in Document Flow
Document based businesses such as insurance and financial institutions benefit from Simcad Pro’s ability to quickly build process and document flow, while providing fast and efficient solution analysis. The process map embedded links enable the models to include additional documentation.

Efficiency Improvement
in Process Flow

Poor process flow within the banking industry often results in the loss of sizable financial opportunity. Avoid the repercussions felt by many institutions, through the analysis of process inefficiencies. Optimize the “window of opportunity” required to complete a transaction by remodeling the process flow to reduce procedural delay.